Uncover Colombia – Branding

CLIENT: Uncover Colombia

PROJECT: Branding and collateral

DESCRIPTION: Uncover Colombia is a London-based travel agency that promotes this country as a great destination for holidays. The first necessity our client requested us was to find a proper name for a travel agency only for Colombia; they proposed names that were really local and just the people living there would understand. But then we proposed the name Uncover Colombia for 2 reasons: the first one was that people already have information about the country, but it’s not so accurate with the present, that’s why we considered that the concept of “discovering” was not precise, but the concept of “unveil” was. Maybe a few years ago Colombia was related with drugs, guerrilla and violence, but now things are different and we had to redeem that positioning. The second reason was to be really descriptive with the name, and the word Colombia was definitely necessary.

The symbol included in the logo is a butterfly, because Colombia with one of the countries with the highest rate of butterfly species in the world; also, because this country is part of the Monarch Butterlfy’s migration route.